Diesel X-tra Protection (DXP)

Diesel X-tra Protection (DXP) was initially developed to replace the removal of sulfur lubrication from diesel fuels. Since that initial phase the express purpose is to deliver the most cost effective high performance low emission premium diesel fuel possible.


DXP is a revolutionary premium diesel fuel enhancer. As an organic, ashless, multi-functional compound it has been engineered to provide optimum fuel efficiency and minimum combustion emissions. DXP will reduce emissions, increase engine power, reduce engine noise, clean fuel systems, reduce fuel system component wear and reduce fuel consumption. DXP will improve fuel quality in storage, increase fuel stability and ensure fuel remains an available asset to consumers. Biological growth in existing contaminated diesel fuel and will prevent all growth in uncontaminated fuels.


  • Fuel Efficiency

    DXP has proven to increase Fuel Efficiency by up to 10%

  • Carbon Foot Print

    DXP helps to clean your engine and reduce combustion emissions

  • Engine Performance

    DXP will help improve engine power by up to 10%

  • What's in it for you

    After introducing DXP into your fleet, you will notice a reduction in your fuel and maintenance costs

Why Use DXP

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency Field
    • Average up to and above 10%​ ​
  • Biological Growth Eliminated
  • Removes Moisture ​
  • Increased Engine Power
    • Field average up to 10%
  • Reduced Engine Wear
    • 35% lower wear rating
  • Ashless Organic innovation – no minerals, metals or alcohols
  • Reduced engine Noise
    • Averaging 15%
  • Reduced Particulates & Black Smoke ​Particulates
    • Field average 40% reduction ​
  • Reduced loading on engine oil
  • Up to 25% reduced maintenance downtime

  • Reduced CO2 & Noxious Emissions
    • NOx average 3% reduction
    • CO2 4% – 20% reductions
    • CO 4% – 16% reductions​
  • Maximum Corrosion Resistance
  • Reduced Fuel Foaming
  • 35% increase in collapse time
  • ​Increased Diesel Storage Life Significantly
  • ​Superior Engine & Fuel System Protection
  • T​​opEnd Lubrication and extended life in Turbo systems
  • Significantly increased Injector life and residual flow by up to 60%
  • Improves Common Rail Efficiency
  • Kills and prevents growth of bacteria, algae and fungi
  • DXP pays for itself many times over
  • Industry adaptable to maximise your benefits in the areas you need



Bio-Diesel Testing, October 2009


The testing was undertaken on a Cummins QSK60 at three quarters life expressly for the purpose of determining the instantaneous combustion improvement from the application of DXP to a Soy based B20 bio-diesel blend.


The dynamometer load and operational parameters were selected by Cummins technical as 2589HP and 7153 Nm Torque with a consumption of 455 L/hr.


The treated fuel at the same RPM delivered 2616HP and 7215 Nm Torque with a consumption of 448 L/hr.


This represented an increase of horsepower of 1% and a fuel consumption improvement of 1.5% from an instantaneous burn of treated fuel.


Next Step With DXP

We want to make sure that Diesel X-tra Protection is available for everyone to use and benefit from its many advances. DXP is available online through Amazon for our smaller quantities.


If you are a fleet and want to see the benefits of DXP, than simply reach out to us and we will get in contact with you.


We know that DXP works, but let us prove to you that it does.

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